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Introduction of Muhammad Legacy of Reform Mission "Don't Judge a Book" By Habibullah Saleem © 2020

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover Allah Knows Best By Habibullah Saleem © 2020 It’s absolutely a strong reality that titles can be frightening until we discover the content of the topic at hand. Many of us have learned that in all that’s available there are benefits to be discovered. Therefore, “Don’t Judge a book by its Cover”. In the book Muhammad Legacy of Reform Mission written by Bunia Muhammad, we are being offered an opportunity to revisit the great works of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed and many others. It’s also a topic of discussion concerning the slogan BLACK LIVES MATTER as we continue to strive to climb the ladder of Freedom, Justice and Equality. We’ve learned from Imam Mohammed to investigate all the layers of the onion that has kept us in the dungeon of pain, suffering and unnecessary regression. Therefore, I encourage and invite believers of Al Islam to go inside the book and benefit from what Imam Mohammed has made clear and necessary. Brother Bunia is a unique individual with much to offer as we engage our duties of being profound upright Muslims here in America and abroad. I must admit when I first saw Brother Bunia on the cover of his book, looking so oriental in his unique style of dress. I began to wonder where he was headed. However, I had to remind myself that we’ve been taught long ago not to judge a book by its cover Should you need some answers after reading his book he can be reached for clarity or suggestions. I truly believe there is plenty of information we can make use of especially from the quotes of Imam W. D. Mohammed. The content of the book is absolutely interesting and I encourage everyone to never Judge a Book by its Cover because in this case there is much to discover. Your Brother in Al-Islam, Habibullah Saleem Education Consultant, Author, Journalist, Student Motivation.



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Russell Tinsley Presents (AKA)Bunia Muhammad helping to build the CWSC model community interview with the #1 Islamic radio station in the nation.

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ASA Bunia Muhammad,


Here is some helpful information on friedman's land and the outcome plus your interview in mp3 format.

Please review the radio broadcast interview on the Black Life Matter page or you may visit www.muslimamericancommunity.vpweb.com.



Martha Nailah abdullah

Executive Director, CWSC


The CWSC Team


Supporting Eyes On Our Communities…A Helping Hand S...

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Appreciate your guest appearance

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With Allah's Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer...


Dear Bunia Muhammad, As Salaamu Alaikum.


We are so appreciative of your valuable sharing last night on Community Buzz and our talk tonight. You gave us reminders to move

forward from talking to walking.

We look forward to maintaining our relationship. Once a month we bring our  collaborators to the Friday morning CWSC Roundtable, held from 10am to 12pm EST.


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An Interview re: A model community - Bunia Muhammad

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With Allah's Name,, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer...


Dear Imam Hameem Habeeb, As Salaamu Alaikum.


I pray you and your family are well. Bunia Muhammad, with Mosque Cares and more would love to be a guest on your show, to share a plan laid out for a model community based upon his earlier relationship with Imam W. D. Mohammed ra. Go to:click here for some info on his blessed works.


Thanks for checking ...

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Muhammad Legacy Of Reform Mission

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Read an authentic, historical, religious, political and social ac...

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The Playza Club Records Company & Pimpin Entertainment, Inc. Mac-T's Playlist

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From Mac T first CD Album "Ya invited to my gangsta Partie, that went viral over social media and sold over one million units and streaming as the start and foundation of the Playza Club Record Company "Ballin'Outta Control."

Executive Producer Russel Mac T Tinsel for Pimpin Entertainment, Inc. and the Playza Club Record who also had been called Russel Simmons of the west coast and the new defjam music group of today must be recognized as well as respected for being the boss.

The ...

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