Bunia Muhammad

Interview from the #1 Islamic Radio Station in the Nation

Bunia Muhammed now available on SoundCloud by clicking this link: 

Playza Club Records Company proud Supporters and Sponsors of "Black Live Matters".

Playza Club Records Company Proud Supporters and Sponsors of "BLACK LIVES MATTERS"

Continue to stand up for Black Americans.

"I am for truth no matter who tells it. I am for justice, no matter who is for or against".

- by Malcolm X 

Now it's our time to stand up for Black Americans' freedom, justice, and equality and to do what El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) did to change. He said to push "by any means necessary" forward in our stand by taking on the United Nations to classify the mistreatment of all black people in the United States and the world. From the worst police fascism in America hypocritical nation built on racism, government corporations of terrorism that came from out of white supremacy cult. This too was prophesied in a Biblical and Qu'ranic verses. You need to read the noble Qu'ran and some of the Bible's early prophecies where the bible was hypocritically displayed by the Presidents of these United States of America and the streets of the hypocritical nation capital Washington D.C. June 1, 2020.

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) efforts to internationalized the African American plight in his petitioning of African Nations to present charges before the United Nations against America ( President Trump) for the denial of human rights and full citizenship to Black Americans

Celebrities Protest on George Floyd Death ( I can't breath)

Unrest in America protestors marching for American's criminal racist system to be reformed. 

Learn and Enhance your understanding why #Blacklivesmatter

Tamika Mallory on George Floyd Protests | NowThis

AFRICA'S GREAT CIVILIZATIONS | Interview with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. | PBS

The African-Americans: Many Rivers to Cross with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. "Trailer" | PBS



Muslim American Community Leader calls for "NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE"

Keeping the safe at this turning point in history, creating change in healing, cleaning "sins of racism" up from the root of the great evil of Africa - Europe - America - Asia market of slavery of the dark past.

To know Africa, Europe, America Asia future look at its past in history books and biblical and qur'anic prophesies.

So let us all in humanity, united together from all face and all parts of the world condemn racism and call for peace and justice in this time of history just ahead.

Fighting for justice and peace. Make your racial justice donations to "anti-racists agenda" such as police brutality, criminal and civil reform, mass incarceration and unconstitutional civil commitment.

We would appreciate your pledge to continue in support of our political, social, economics, religious projects efforts of Masjid Al-Taqwah. Non Profit Charity/Zakat organization such as Muslin American community that has worked tirelessly to ensure quality and justice for all.

We would appreciate your pledge and support of our legal defenses a political, social, economics, educational, employment opportunity of quality careers .

Contact us to make a donation call (702) 850-2393 ext 101.

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MOVING STRAIGHT AHEAD. Please order your book The African American Muslim Leadership reform taking the responsibility to lead humanity.