The Playza Club Record Company and Pimping Entertainment is proud to showcase another one of our newest sign artist Jake Wilbourne.

If you could combined your favorite R&B, Hip Hop moqul, you would've created Jake Wilbourne. Born and raised in the birth place of Blues, Blue Grass, Jazz, R&B and Hip hop, this Jackson Mississippi R&B and Hip Hop artist gives the music industry the rich flavor that it has been missing from various other superstar artist.

Jake's new debut up and coming album "The Recognition" of Jake Wilbourne which he negotiated a record deal with the Playza Club Record Company in 2016 turning Jake into a music co franchise. Jake's music can now be available on our websites.

(This music distribution on iTunes, CDbaby, Amazon, Rhapsody, Create space and other online major distribution networks.)

The Recognition has 16 distinct nature R&B and Hip Hop collaborations tracks.

The first single to be release (I Am The One) is grantee, to make you know Jake is the best in the game now!

Since the fame, fortune and the making of a superstar recording artist greatest hits of all times fills Jake's dreams of becoming the best of the best in the art of live performances, through Pimping Entertainment and with the best music of the Playza Club Record distribution network you ever heard from a artist like Jake. Some of Jake's fans, family and supporters have tried to compare Jake with Drake, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake and Usher, but Jake superstar status of success is based on his own talent ability, swag and choice of musical style that fits Jake in the brand of the Playza Club Record company, that can not be compared to any other artist, nor can any other artist be compared to Jake, because who is Jake? he signs "I Am The One"

This newly recorded album "The Recognition" laid the foundation for Jake to take his rightful place as the next top superstar R&B, Hip Hop and Rap moqul in the music industry.

CEO Playza Club Record Company

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