Now you can begin your Career in Music as a Music Producer & Artist with R&B Beatz: Hip Hop, Rap Beats

 We are offering you a special and exclusive record deal and you are buying, renting or leasing R & B Beats from Playza Club Records Company and Pimpin Entertainment. Now you can select from a ton of samples songs previews and start making your own music recordings for big money making profits.

Use the R & B Beats to make slick Hip Hop and Rap complex melodies and beats. Create your own R & B and Rap songs with our professional experience. Get Ready to get signed by the Playza Club Record Company and drop your first album with some of our slick beats in minutes.

We will rent or lease our music lyrics or both for a small percentage of all royalties on each song that is leased from our digital downloads.

R & B Beats are done by Mr. Ronald Black, Primarily known by is stage name R & B is an American Gangsta Music Producer, Rapper, R & B Singer and has become one of the Playaz Club Record Company and Pimpin Entertainment Music Executive Record Producer.

He has been chosen By Russell (Mac-T) Tinsley Founder, Owner and CEO of the Playaz Club Record Company and Pimpin Entertainment with AbSalute and Alcapone of SODNTBG to sign R & B as their in house Music Producer and who has also produced Beats from AbSalute, Alcapone & SODNTBG, that lead up to getting many other Rappers signed to the Playazz Club Record Label such as AbSalute, Alcapone & SODNTBG themselves.

As Music Producer he is credited as to given Dr Dre a run for his money making music, because he is now becoming a key figure in the popularization of the Playaz Club Record Company Brand of American Gangsta Music and Pimpin swag of music, a style of Rap Music characterized as a new twist in synthesizer based with hot sizzling heavy slick beats.

For financial and agreement terms info contact: call (702) 850-2393 ext 101 Email: [email protected] or [email protected].