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Russell Tinsley's Movie Project Exclusive Game Changer

The Playza Club Records Company, and Pimpin Entertainment network and another Mac-T's P.I.M.P. productions are very proud to present its first motion picture movie "The Black American Street Life".

This film on the rise will be based on the number one book, authored by Dan Rose and the books by Russell Tinsley "The African American Muslim Leadership Reform" and "Civilly Committed" from their own personal experience and lifestyles of growing up in the South Philadelphia Center City Society surviving astonishing journey from the bottom to the top.

This is an independent movie project, you will want to see 100 times, given Russell Tinsley the credit he deserves, from where he came from and to where he is headed unstoppable, as a young professional building wealth and loving it, an "Unfinished Success Unlimited Associates Production Business True Life Story". Russell Tinsley also as (Mac-T) weaves a tale about his most powerful unfinished upbringing success unlimited associate production business true life story, without all the lies, betrayal and deceit told about him by his haters, enviers and jealous people who to destroy his reputation as the street life hustler.

The Black American Street Life got him his first experience with the law and into a life of crime, when he's set-up and by his old gang rival, family, friends, members of his Islamic faith, law enforcement agency and the court, where it resulted for him getting criminal record, unrelated to his entertainment business as an executive in corporate America.

His Black American Street Life experience affirmed his status as one of the brightest hustlers, but with talent working in the entertainment industry. Russell (Mac-T Tinsley) is a Chief Executive Officer of the Playza Club Records Co., and Pimpin Entertainment Network is writing his highly anticipated bio movie strip.

Born and raised in South city. Russell (Mac-T Tinsley) rose from the Black American Street Life as a hustler and/or to some will call a criminal to prominence with his debut CD album (Ya Invited To My Gangsta Partie) to start and run his own record label.

The books were selected for Russell (Mac-T Tinsley) movie project and he is writing his own highly anticipated movie script, about his story, to affirm his status as one of the brightest talent working in modern entertainment and fashion industry. A true success story to be told Russell (Mac-T Tinsley) film "Black Americans Street Life" a true success story that might help the secrets behind the wicked people in America still trying to keep the black Americans locked down in chains as slaves, and are kept lock away in prison cells for life.

A brilliant writer investigates the Black American Life, and a hustler from the streets of , sent to prison and then civilly committed for some crimes he didn't commit, became a famous artist and a record label boss still while in the American prison system, but his heated nature and secretive kingpin attracted the attention of a movie studio mogul who wants to release this unfinished success unlimited associate production business true story, as Russell (Mac-T Tinsley) weaves to tell about his Black American Street Life experience coming from nothing to something.

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Address: P.O. Box 105576, Atlanta, Ga 30358.

To all the books, please click on the images:

Black American Street Life

The African American Muslim Leadership Reformed Taking On The Responsibility To Lead Humanity.

Free Russell Mac-T Tinsley: Civilly Committed!

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