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Hi I am Back,

Here is something I wrote to Middlesex County, Trenton, and

Woodbrige .Legislators.

Hello, Not sure if I am writing to the right parties, but here goes.I

would like to see the Sexual Civil Commitment Law either be reformed or

abolished. This law is very unfair and cruel. The offender is sentence does

his time and then is civilly committed in which could be a life sentence.

There has been hunger strikes in Minnesota protesting this law, as well as

Sen. Joe Morrissey, and Del. Patrick Hope, both Democrats, from Virginia,

are co-sponsoring legislation that would end the state's authority to

civilly commit sex offenders. They stated "We don't sentence people because

of what they might do," he said. "That's abhorrent to everything that our

democracy and our criminal justice system believes in." Also, ST. PAUL - A

federal judge has sternly warned the Legislature to change the sex offender

program or face a court-ordered intervention. "The time for legislative

action is now," U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank wrote in his Thursday

order. "The politicians of this great state must now ask themselves if they

will act to revise a system that is clearly broken, or stand idly by and do

nothing, simply awaiting court intervention." New Jersey needs to end this

unfair law for the better. These offender are call Residents not inmates,

however they are treated worst then if they were in prison. I believe that

all criminals deserve a second chance. To only civilly committed sex

offender while murders, and violent assaults go home is a form of

discrimination, and all you are doing is trying to please the public. If

you are going to have this civil commitment law then it should be either

for all or only the worst of the worst. Don't you think that the cost of

$180,000.00 offender per year is a lot of money specially when their is no

proof that the treatment works. Thank you for your time. I look forward to

any reply from you.

Now lets see if I get any feedback from these people.

Talk to you soon,

Big Jim


Sexual Civil Commitment

Here is a controversial article that will turnheads around. The unfair

Sexual Civil Commitment Law needs to be investigated ,aswell as the Special

Treatment Unit in Avenel, NJ., before people are afraid oftalking to the

opposite sex. The waythis law is, who knows when or who will be next to be

accused of a sexualoffense. This law is only one sided if you are accused

you are guilty but whatabout the person making the accusations, are they

always telling the truth onwhat really happened? Lives are being ruined,

families are being torn apart,all because of this unfair law.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said ,, "Justicecannot be for one side alone but

must be for both which needs to be fair andequal". Well it looks like the

law makers overlookedthe Sexual Civil Commitment Law, because this law is

only one sided.

What ever happened to the phase "We the Peoplefor the People"? Does this

mean that it applies to everybody except "sexoffenders"? Sex Offenders are

peopletoo, so where are their rights?

Sexual Civil Commitment seems to be designedto satisfy the politicians,

so they can get re-elected into public office. Itis also a way for the

state to get money and to make it look like they aredoing something.

It costs about $175,000 a year per offender tobe committed. There are

approximately 700 civilly committed offenders inAvenel, New Jersey, that

equals to $122,500,000.00. This cost is for housing,medical, treatment and

security. (Hereis a link that was written by CBS, dated June 22, 2010,

showing the cost to Sexually Civilly Commit a sex offender-

/ ) WHY, should New Jersey Taxpayers, pay for any treatment that the

state cannot prove works. I am sure they can use the money for better

issues. Please note, when you are civilly committed there is no time limit

to serve, therefore you can be committed indefinitely. If you happen to

get out, you will be on parole for life, sex registry, and where tolive and

to whom you can live with.

The Special Treatment Unit (STU), in Avenel, NJ is one such place that

needs to be investigated, in warehousing Sexually Civilly Committed Sex

Offenders. They are called residents not inmates but are treated worst then

prisoners in prison. The Correction Officers, Therapist's, treat them as

scum as well as the public. Their treatment program is one size fits all,

regardless of your sex crime. Therefore murders, rapists, kidnapers

and sexually assaulted crimes, are all under one treatment program. People

with developmental disabilities who can't do the programs are held

indefinitely, WHY? If you don't participate in the group, you are put on

Treatment Refusal, and some of your privilege's are denied.

If the program did work, why isn't there more residents released from

Civil Commitment Facilities around the nation, and why is it that there's no

information on how many are released?

In STU, there have been residents that have been murdered, where the

public has no information about this. There have been residents that have

been sexually assaulted (my son is one of them) by other residents,

which has never been reported to the public. It seems that any activity that

occurs is a hush up, and the public never hears anything about it.

There are residents that never did a crime in New Jersey, but they are

civilly committed, one such person is Russell Tinsley who is being

wrongfully held.( Link and )

Here is link to another Class Action Lawsuit filed by another civilly

confined detainees' dated Oct. 24, 2016. Obviously, there is

something wrong with this facility if they are constantly having class

action lawsuits against them. Also, it seems that nothing was ever done

about these lawsuits because every problem/issue that they had in October

2016, still exist today. 

Is there any justice in America, under civil commitment for sex

offenders, at the STU's facility program? The answer is, NO! 

There was a lawsuit filed by one of a the female psychiatric professional,

Dr. Vivian Shanaidman, against the State of New Jersey Department of Human

Services Division of Mental Health Services - (DHS)-(STU) and she sued the

present facility Clinical Director Merrill Main (M.M.)for sexual harassment

and retaliation against her because of her complaints. There was a lawsuit

settlement, but how is it that (M.M.) is still the (STU) -Clinical


The Government of the State of New Jersey is clearly covering it up, by

intimidating the civil commitment judges, psychiatric and lawyers into

silence and writing fraudulent reports and negligent representation. Dr.

Vivian Shnaidman's successful lawsuit reports the reason for such secrecy,

discrimination against anyone, against this civil commitment abuse, because

of the injustice of keeping someone locked up for life, and under the fake

diagnosis to justify civil commitment because the(STU) can generate enough

dividends to be a taxpayers' expense! Learn more about this breathtaking

discovery.( Link to the lawsuit

The Special Treatment Unit (STU), in Avenel needs to be investigated for

their activities and for not providing adequate treatment, protection and

fairness to residents. If these residents are to succeed in society, then

they need to be respected, and treated with fairness so they can grow to be

productive citizens within today's society, if not what is the purpose of

the treatment?

The public needs to be made aware of the cost of maintaining these

residents, that is costing taxpayers millions, and millions of dollars per

year, and the inadequate treatment program that still exists today.

There must be an editorial posted, about the unfair conditions, outdated

treatment, and the cost that (Parole Supervision for Life, Sex Registry, and

Civil Commitment) is associated with this unfair Sexual Civil Commitment


In addition, how can you expect adequate treatment and fairness, if it is

under the control and care of a Sexually Charged Clinical Director's


Sexual Civil Commitment needs to be changed for the better or be

eliminated. If civil commitment is for sex crimes, then it should also be

for all crimes. This is a very unfair law with a lifetime of punishment. Why

is it that sex offenders, are civilly committed after they serve their

sentence but, Murders, Terrorist and Bullies, go free after their sentence

is served, only to be able to commit another crime?

If you must have this unfair law, then let it be for all violent

First-Degree Sex Crimes who are the worst of the worst, nota simple sexual

assault charge, or past charges that you were not convicted of.

The public must be made aware of this unfair Sexual Civil Commitment Law,

and the punishment that it is associated with. Judges, Attorney Generals and

Politicians are afraid to let a sex offender out, in fair they may commit

another crime, and that they will have to answer for their actions, which

for most likely cost them their job.

The release program is based on if you will offend again in the future.

This is absurd, unless you are inside their head there is no way, you will

ever know if they will commit a crime in the future, Therefore the offender

is held indefinitely .

Who knows, the way society is, you may be the next one to be charged with

a sex crime, and then and only then will you understand this unfair double

jeopardy law that provides endless punishment that exists today. See you at

the Special Treatment Unit, in Avenel, NJ, unless you happen to not be

charged in a sex crime.

As mentioned, the public needs to be made aware of this unfair Sexual

Civil Commitment Law.

If we are to have a Civil Commitment Law, then it should be for people,

who forcefully and violently break the law, not just for sex crimes.

Are law makers, becoming Communist, are we becoming a Police Nation, are

we a country that didn't fight for freedom? If not , then all criminals

who commit crimes, including sex crimes should have the right to serve their

sentence that is required of them, and to be set free.

How do you expect a sex offender to do better if you are constantly

punishing them by making them feel like scum, instead of treating them with

fairness, and making them feel like they are part of

society? Criminals in prison are treated with more respect and

fairness than sex offenders, receiving treatment.

Thanking you in advance for your reply, and your investigation.

Big Jim Freedom



Additional Link to Sexual Civil Commitmentarticles:

BarbaraKoeppel -

District Judge P.K. Reiter -


Special Treatment Unit -

BeyondCarceral Logic of Civil Commitment -


DetaineesSue Over Civil Rights in NJdated Oct. 26,2016 -


CC: [email protected], ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS

Willyou have the guts, to be the first news media, to make the public

aware of thisunfair punishing law?

People Against Civil Commitment

Subject: People against Civil Commitment


Fri, 23 Jul 2021 15:58:41 +0000 (UTC)

Hi Russell, Here is a contact that maybe able to help your case, and


You got noting to lose, so give them a call.


P.O. Box 399, New Freedom, PA 17349


[email protected]

Big Jim

Civil Commitment Info

Subject: Civil Commitment Info


Wed, 21 Jul 2021 15:06:59 +0000 (UTC)

Hello Mr. Mac-T,

I mailed out the info that we spoke about yesterday. However, I tried to

call the phone number that was listed, and it seems to give you phone

numbers to other links that may or nay not be against civil commitment.

However, they did provide an email address to the link that I felt maybe


The organization is SOSEN which stands for Sex Offenders Solution &

Education Network. Their email address is [email protected]

I have sent them an email to see if they have any information, or can

help. I now have to wait to see if they answer it.

I would recommend that you try to write to them or email them.

Also, here is another web site that may help it is called (NJ Fair)

Families Advocating Intelligent Reform. Inc.ADDRESS:

PO Box 3357


Mercerville, NJ 08619

Here is their email address, [email protected] .

Talk to you soon,

Big Jim

Sex Abuse 

Subject: Sex Abuse


Tue, 13 Jul 2021 13:44:25 +0000 (UTC)

Sex Abuse complains about officers in N.J.

admin January 10, 2019 I have written numerous complaints and even tort

claims against the sexual abuse in the N.J. civil commitment scheme, but to

no avail. I need the public to know that the prison trashes legal papers

that I write.. My first complaint was about an officer at ADTC in Avenel,

N.J. prison. He came in my dorm to use the urinal. He called my name and

when I got there he asked me to look at his d... He has done this more than

once. The same officer calls me to his desk and asks me if I want to suck

his d... inside the office behind his desk. This, too, happened more than

once. I sent letters to adbusman about the abuse. SID came to speak to me

which was an investigation interview. I sent a tort claim notice, and the

prison ADTC got the legal mail and trashed it. They then shipped me to East

Jersey State prison. I need a lawyer to help me sue them.

Then at the new prison a security guard threatened me that he would put

me with a "Big guy" but will tell him not to hurt me, but to use vaseline

to make it more slippery. I wrote that up and SID spoke with me and got my

report. I sent a tort letter, and again the prison trashed the legal

paperwork. I need a lawyer to help me sue them.

Now October 22, 2018, I have stamped received by Wm Walsh, Clerk, my tort

claim about Northern State Prison where I was jumped and hit by around 6

officers. They took me to a single room where nobody was, and beat me up. I

need a lawyer to help me sue them.

Sex Offenders Program is Crock 

Subject: Sex Offenders Program is a Crock


Tue, 13 Jul 2021 13:58:04 +0000 (UTC)

Here is something very interesting.

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Just Future Project

Bringing shadow prisons into the light

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Home Top Stories Governor Explains Why theMinnesota Sex Offender Program

Is a Crock

Governor Explains Why the Minnesota SexOffender Program Is a Crock

John Powers June 19, 2020TopStories, updates

Defending the constitutionality of civil confinement, MarkDayton exposes

the fallacy at its core.

By Jacob Sullum | 6.25.201511:02 AM

Last week U.S. District Judge DonovanFrank ruled that the Minnesota Sex

OffenderProgram (MSOP), which civilly confines people after they have

completed theircriminal sentences, violates the 14th Amendment's Due

Process Clause.Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton disagrees, but his defense of the

program exposesthe fallacy at its core. "It's really impossible to predict

whether or not [sexoffenders] are at risk to reoffend," Dayton says. "So

the more protection youcan give to the public, as far as I'm concerned,

given their history, isentirely warranted, and that's what this program

does right now."

Theproblem with Dayton's position is that the law authorizing the

MSOP requires predictionsabout whether or not sex offenders "are at risk to

reoffend"; if suchpredictions are "impossible," the whole law is a crock.

Under the Minnesota Civil Commitment and Treatment Act,two kinds of

offenders can be locked up, ostensibly for "treatment," after theyhave

served their time: a "sexually dangerous person" or a "sexual

psychopathicpersonality." The former is defined as someone who "has engaged

in a course ofharmful sexual conduct"; "has manifested a sexual,

personality, or other mentaldisorder or dysfunction"; and "as a result, is

likely to engage in acts ofharmful sexual conduct." The latter is defined

as someone who is deemed toexhibit "such conditions of emotional

instability, or impulsiveness ofbehavior, or lack of customary standards of

good judgment, or failure toappreciate the consequences of personal acts,

or a combination of any of theseconditions, which render the person

irresponsible for personal conduct withrespect to sexual matters, if the

person has evidenced, by a habitual course ofmisconduct in sexual matters,

an utter lack of power to control the person'ssexual impulses and, as a

result, is dangerous to other persons." Crucial toboth of these definitions

is a finding that the person, because of hispurported disorder, is likely

to commit new crimes after being released. Butaccording to Minnesota's

governor, who claims there is nothing wrong with theMSOP, such findings are

basically bullshit.

Itgets worse. "I don't think any parent in Minnesota wants to subject

theirdaughter or their son to a probability," Dayton says. "They want to

make suretheir government is doing absolutely everything conceivably

possible to make it100 percent safe to walk in the park or to or from

school." So even ifrecidivism were predictable, Dayton would say that

someone who is 99 percentguaranteed not to reoffend should nevertheless be

locked up for the rest of hislife. Just in case.

Itis precisely this reluctance to release anyone, no matter how unlikely

he is tocommit new crimes, that persuaded Judge Frank the MSOP is a system

of punishmentand preventive detention disguised as psychiatric treatment.

When no one isever deemed well enough to be released, the pretense that the

people confinedby the MSOP are patients rather than prisoners is so obvious

that even Daytoncan't be bothered to carry on the charade.

[Thanksto Pope Jimbo for the tip.]




June 27, 2020 at 6:28 pm

thats stupid, if the personserved his time, and hasnt caused any harm,

leave them alone


SisterChristina Grace Malonzo,DW

August 9, 2020 at 7:03 pm

I couldnot believe what civil commitment was until my friend gave me the

info. Itindeed makes no sense to punish one who has paid his time.

Why in the world would you want to punish him now for what he has not or

MAY doin the future? How can you pre judge someone? I pray that those in

the JusticeSystem may see the light and abolish such a nonsense and

criminal system . Itis anything but just!


totally against public registry

June 21, 2020 at 4:50 pm

Yes, and this charade willhave to come down soon.very soon


Release American Citizens

Subject: Release American Citizens


Tue, 13 Jul 2021 13:45:19 +0000 (UTC)

Home Top Stories "Release American Citizens from Double Jeopardy


"Release American Citizens from Double Jeopardy Punishment"

John Powers June 18, 2020Top Stories, updatesThe following post is from

a letter to Virginia State Delegate Jennifer Carroll-Foy from Dr. Bernida

Thompson. Dear Delegate Jennifer Carroll-Foy,You were great on the June

3rd Townhall. I appreciate your vigor for justice, especially for people of

color.. I am an African American citizen, and my family along with

countless others that are in your area are crippled by the unjust civil

commitment law which keeps our sons, fathers, husbands, and loved ones tied

up indefinitely with physical and psychological punishment for imaginary

future sex crimes that they might commit. I join the townhalls, and I

bring attention to the fact that a vast number of men are being misused to

create an underclass for the profit of civil commitment administration.

Many citizens committed their sex offense over 20 years ago. They served

and completed their sentences. They should be back with their families

making good of their lives in the community. Instead, the Sex Offender

Civil Commitment Law kicked in at the end of their sentence, and the men

were taken to the Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation, which is a

punitive shadow prison that is there to keep the men from committing future

crimes.. No one should be punished as guilty of a possible future crime.

Furthermore, research shows clearly that sex offenses have a much lower

recidivism rate than other crimes. The entire sex offender civil commitment

scheme is costing VA tax payers over $70 million dollars a year. This

money could be used for helping Virginia with the pandemic, supplying

victim services, restoring returning citizens, etc. Why are we allowing

the unscrupulous psychologists, attorney general's office, lawyers, and

VCBR administration to use this as their cash-cow for their own financial

prosperity and at the cost of these men and their families?As our delegate,

I am asking that you please help stop this deceitful scheme. Seriously

investigate the practice and the treatment of these men. Talk to the men

and their families. Please use your power and correct research data to get

these citizens released. We need a bill to end sex offender civil

commitment. These men have not committed any further crime. I would

appreciate your assigning someone from your staff to contact and work with

me to have this done.Sincerely,Bernida Thompson, Ed.D. Dr. Thompson is a

founding member of Just Future Project. Her son Mwando Amerson is currently

civilly committed to the Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation in

Burkeville VA. She is the principal of Roots Activity Learning Center which

she founded in 1977. In 1999, She also founded the Roots Public Charter

School. Dr. Thompson earned an Education Doctorate (Ed.D.) in early and

mid-childhood education from Nova University. Tweet Follow us sex offender

legislation. Bookmark. Shadow Prisoner Stabbed 14 Times at VCBR

FacilityGovernor Explains Why the Minnesota Sex Offender Program Is a


One Comment:

- Totally against public registryJune 19, 2020 at 1:26 pmThat's

wonderful. Has there been a reply? Any one person can make a difference in

our plight to abolish civil commitment. Thank you Dr. Thompson

Virginia Bill to end Civil Commitment

Subject: Virginia Bill to end Civil Commitment


Mon, 12 Jul 2021 19:09:36 +0000 (UTC)

Subject: Re: Virginia Bill to end Civil Commitment

Good afternoon Jim,

Thank you for reaching out to Senator Morrissey regarding his bill to

abolish civil commitment in Virginia. Unfortunately, the bill did not pass

but the Senate Judiciary Committee did see the merit behind abolishing

civil commitment. After it was heard in Senate Judiciary, the committee

voted to send it to the Virginia Crime Commission in order to study the

best way to go about rescinding these authorities and how best to treat

those with sexually-related convictions.

Thank you again for your email.

Sincerely,Matt Wheeler

Dear Sen. Joe Morrissey,

I just read an article about ending the unfair law in Virginia on Civil

Commitment for Sex Offenders.

I would like to know if anything has happened since the article was

written on Jan. 19, 2021?

The article is about Sen. Joe Morrissey and Del. Patrick Hope both

Democrats, are co-sponsoring legislation that would end state's authority

to civilly commit sex offenders.

I live in New Jersey, and I strongly feel that this law is very unfair.

My son has been locked up since 2009 for a sex offense in which he took a

plea deal, and which I believe he did not do. During his commitment my son

has been assaulted by other offenders as well as being sexually assaulted.

Every time something happens to him, he is placed in lockup until it is

investigated. When he is released from lockup he is now placed in a

different section and most of his belongs are either missing or broken when

given back to him. Therefore, as the article stated it seems that they are

keeping him committed because of his past crimes.

I strongly believe that if all the people that believe that this law need

to be changed, and speaks out about it, maybe something can be done, and

the public would learn what is happening. Especially when murders,

terrorists, and any other violent person who commits a violent assault

serves their sentence and then goes free. However not sex offenders

who has to serve his time and then is committed for an indefinite time. The

people need to know the cost to keep these offenders committed. If they new

this, they would be shocked to learn, that the average cost to maintain a

sex offender in a commitment facility is about $180,000 per year per

offender. There are about 4200 offenders being committed in the nation,

which is a total of $750,000,000.00 per year. I am sure that this money

could be used for something much better then civil commitment which doesn't


If I can help, in anyway please don't hesitated to contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, stay safe and have a nice




Matthew Wheeler | Legislative AideAnn Lawson | Legislative

AssistantOffice of Senator Joseph D. Morrissey

PO Box 396, Richmond, VA 23219Senate Office: 804.698.7516 | Richmond

Office: 804.737.1626 short and breaking off the text-only areas of your page to keep your website interesting to visitors.

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