Petition to Abolish reform the New Jersey SVP Civil Commitment Law

TheNew Jersey SVP Law is no different than any other state that has this

unfair and cruel law.

The symbol above is associated with the legal system and the principles

of fairness and equity.

Then why is it that the symbol of justice, is wearing a blindfold? Is it

because the legal system only wants to see, what it wants to see? Plus, she

is carrying a sword, in order to protect and to cut through to the truth.

But isn't carrying a sword an illegal weapon, which is breaking the law.


what truth is she protecting, certainly not the accused offender?

Eleanor Roosevelt once stated, "Justice cannot be for one side alone but

must be for both which needs to be fair and equal".

So why is it that sex offenders are the only ones civilly committed, why

not all offenders, where is the fairness?

sexual Civil Commitment Law is one-sided, cruel, unfair, and does not

meet the standards of the justice system, which is supposed to be fair for

both sides.

Whatever happened to "We the People, by the people, for the people"? Did

America become one-sided so politicians who make the law can look good

forre-elections, instead of what is fair?

The people of this great nation need to stand together as one, and act

now, to abolish this unfair law, in order to be fair for both sides of the

legal system.

Sen. Joe Morrissey, and Del. Patrick Hope, both Democratic, from

Virginia, co-sponsored legislation that would end the state's authority to

civilly commit sex offenders. He argued that the current system is unfair

and punishes offenders twice for the same crime "We don't sentence people

because of what they might do," he said. "That's abhorrent to everything

that our democracy and our criminal justice system believe in."

ST.PAUL - A federal judge has sternly warned the legislature to change

the sex offender program or face a court-ordered intervention." The time


legislative action is now,"

U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank wrote, "The politicians of this great

the state must now ask themselves if they will act to revise a system that

is clearly broken, or stand idly by and do nothing, simply awaiting

court intervention.

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton stated that " It is really impossible to

predict, whether or not (Sex Offenders) are at risk. The Minnesota Sex

Offender Program(MSOP) requires predictions about whether or not sex

offenders "are at risk to re-offend" if such predictions are "impossible "

the whole law is a crock.

The state of New Jersey, Civilly Commits Sex Offenders, after they have

served their sentence. Once committed they are placed in a facility called

the SpecialTreatment Unit (or is it a Concentration Camp), for sex

offenders' treatment. Treatment is based on one size fits all. While in a

group setting for treatment, they are required to take the floor to discuss

all of their sex offenses and nonsex offense crimes. All of the offenders

in the group tell the person discussing their crimes on what he did wrong

and how to correct these issues, so it doesn't happen again a real joke.

Remember these same offenders are there for the same reason. If the person

taking the floor argues back, he is considered to be on Treatment Refusal.

If he doesn't take the floor because of being afraid of talking in front of

people or retaliation from the president, he is put on Treatment Refusal. So

where is the treatment, how can he advance to the next step to get released?

It should be designed to fit the offender's needs, on a one-on-one basis, if

the treatment really works in the first place. If there is going to be a

treatment program, then it should be for a reasonable time limit, not for


indefinite period of time. These offenders, even with treatment, are held

until the state believe they will not offend again in the future, (which

is impossible to know) which could be a life sentence (better known as a

Death Sentence), in order to protect the public. Minnesota Gov.

MarkDayton said it best, " It is really impossible to predict, whether or

not (Sex Offenders) are at risk. The Sex Offender Program requires

predictions about whether or not sex offenders "are at risk

to re-offend" if

such predictions are "impossible " the whole law is a crock.

These offenders are called Residents, not Prisoners (prisoners have a

chance to get released, after their sentence, not residents), and they are

treated worse than prisoners. Plus, there is no proof that the treatment

works. The state civilly commits these offenders based on what they call

abnormalities, Bi-PolarDisorder, ADHD Disorder, Anti-Social Disorder,


Level Intelligence, or any other disorder that they can come up with, so

they don't have to release the offender. Plus, since the Covid-19 Pandemic

started in 2020, treatment programs for residents have been either very few

or none.

They are Civilly Committed because the state says they need

treatment, why are they still being held if there is no treatment being


Isn't enough punishment in what these offenders have gone, or will go


1. Time served in Prison.

2. Indefinite time period for treatment.

3. Probation for Life.

4. Sex offender Registry for Life.

5. Posters are distributed all around their community for the neighbors'

to see who a sex offender is.

6. The embarrassment the offender's family endures, is this fair to


There is no other criminal offense that punishes you twice. Even criminals

who commit Murder (Spouse, Parents, Children, or another person) isn't

sentence twice, or is it all about the money?

The cost to maintain a civilly committed offender is roughly $190,000.00,

per offender. There are approximately 650 sex offenders civilly committed


theState of New Jersey for a total of $123,500,000.00 annually.


there is about 6,500 Civilly Committed Offenders at a cost

of$1,235,000,000.00,annually, not counting the Parole Supervision expense

to monitor offenders annually if they happen to be lucky enough to get

released. Don't you think this money can help the people of the State of

New Jersey the Nation, to have a better life (Social Security, Medical,

Education, Shelter, Food, Jobs, Taxes, Etc.)?

If the justice system is designed to exonerate the innocent and punish

the guilty which is fair for both sides:

1. Why would we lock up men who served their time in full?

2. Why is there a one-size-fits-all, treatment program?

3. Why would we place residents on Treatment Refusal if they are afraid

to discuss their crimes out of retaliation if they are there for


4. Why would we lock up men for what they MIGHT do in the future?

5. Why would we lock up men with no definitive release date?

6. Why would we target one offense to lock up potential future crimes?

7. Why would we sentence offenders for Parole for Life after Lockup,

and still Civilly Commit them?

8. Why would we increase a multi-million-dollar budget in just a few

years and see no increase in the quality of care or release through


9. Why would we call a prison a center for treatment (locked doors,

razor wire, ankle monitors, etc.)?

10.Why would we only release a handful in half a decade?

11.Why would we allow ONE person to decide if someone needed treatment?

Even parole has a board of people to review release.

12.Why would we move from outpatient care of productive working citizens

that had served their time and were attending regular therapy for the treatment

to an inpatient facility (prison with another name) with no clear path for


Are we to sit idle, and do nothing, or are we going to voice our concerns,

and tell the State of New Jersey Lawmakers and the Nation, enough is

enough, and to end or reform this unfair, cruel, and punishing law?

We must now take the time, to take a stand, and to act now. The public

needs to get on board to abolish or reform this unfair Double Jeopardy Law

once and for all. Yes, it is a Double Jeopardy Law, what other crimes are

there that prosecutes you twice for the same offense (Prison, Commitment

Center)? The law states it isn't double jeopardy, and that they are

committing you for treatment only, so why is treatment indefinitely?

Please note that you never heard of a Politician, Doctor, Lawyer,

ProfessionalEntertainers, Sex Traffickers who use their power for sex, get

arrested, and then get Civilly Committed, after their sentence, Why?

The way this law is going who knows, maybe Santa Claus will be arrested

for being a pervert because he picks up children to sit on his lap. Who

knows what would happen, would they stop singing Santa's Christmas songs?

Maybe you, a family member, or somebody you know will be the next person

getting arrested for a sex offense simply by bumping into a person, shaking

their hand, or the person just wants to get back at you, sick isn't it.

Remember, united we stand, divided we fall, to end the Sexual

Civil Commitment Law.

Allstates that have this unfair law need to stand together and voice

their concerns. If not then this law will continue for an indefinite

period of time.

So let your voices be heard.

So, let's make what is WRONG a Right, please sign this petition, so that

fair justice can be served, and Lady Justice can remove her blindfold, to

see the truth, once and for all.

I am looking to obtain 5,000 plus signatures to be presented to the state

lawmakers. If I can get all the states that have the Civil Commitment


to file a petition to abolish or reform the SVP- Sexual Civil Commitment

Law, we all stand a better chance to win.


If the link is unable to open, just copy and paste it into the address bar.

1- FREE the men from the SHADOW PRISON-Texas Civil Commitment Center in

Littlefield, TX





CivilCommitment Information Links:

If link is unable to open, just copy and paste into address bar.

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2- Barbara Koeppel Sex Crime and Criminal Law

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9- Commitment of Sex Offenders/ Journal of Ethics


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Home Testimonial  Free Russell Tinsley

Free Russell Tinsley

admin November 3, 2019

Mr. Tinsley has been civilly committed since 2010, and is being wrongfully held in the Special Treatment Unit, in Avenel NJ for a crime he did not do in New Jersey. Mr. Tinsley is CEO of Pimpin Entertainmen (, which is a record company. During his civil commitment Mr. Tinsley, started a record company, wrote a book and is now in the process of creating a movie about himself and being committed. During his time in civil commitment, (STU) Special Treatment Unit they have retaliated against him denying him of his first amendment. Please note that the Clinical Director of STU, has been sued by one of his employees for Sexual Harassment and won the case. This clinical director is still in charge of this facility, WHY?

There is no reason that the state of New Jersey is holding Mr. Tinsley. We need to act now, to help set him free from this unfair punishment at once…

I have attached a link to Mr. Tinsley recent court case for your review:

Big Jim